GrabCAD Shop Pricing Plans

GrabCAD Shop is a web-based application that improves the 3D printing workflow between engineers, designers, and print operators. There are four pricing plans based on industry needs, team sizes and more!

GrabCAD Shop offers four pricing plans based on how many licenses you need. Each plan includes all of our features so you get the most out of GrabCAD Shop.

Starter Pack
25 User Licenses
$4,999 /yr
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Large Pack
100 User Licenses
$12,999 /yr
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Unlimited Pack
Unlimited User Licenses
$19,999 /yr
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Education Pack
Unlimited User Licenses
$1,999 /yr
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But first, why should you choose GrabCAD Shop?

We’ve done the math and when you sign up for GrabCAD Shop, you’re not only signing up for an array of additive manufacturing features wrapped up into one online platform; but you’re also signing up to save yourself $15,000 per year.

Generic management tools are inefficient and cumbersome when it comes to 3D printing.

Alternative work order management tools are not tailored to the 3D printing workflow and don’t offer industry-specific features such as 3D printing cost calculator. So while you might save on using an inexpensive solution, you’re really paying more for the additional time it takes to manage all of these tools.

GrabCAD Shop is built for 3D printing and cuts costs by streamlining order management.

GrabCAD Shop's 3D printing-centered features save time on order management so you can focus on what’s really important — printing!

Frequently Asked Questions

GrabCAD Shop can save you $15,000 per year. To learn about the cost savings, download our whitepaper.
In accordance to GDPR laws, Administrators can request all data to be deleted by emailing the request to
Administrators can remove users at any time in the GrabCAD Admin Console.

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